Psychophysical Experiment Toolbox: open source project


                 PsyExTool - is toolbox for psychophysical experiment control data collection and visualization.


Project administrator: Tadas Surkys


Text Box: 	Tutorial
Download and extract zip file
In MATLAB add path to the extracted directory “PsyExTool” 
Run the function petControlModule.m
Press button “Open experiment”
Choose file “example_signoise_(Sigvolxk).mat” (experiment of sound signal detection in the noise)
Turn on your loudspeaker
Press button “Start”
Try to detect signal
If detected press arrow down if not press arrow up
After experiment is finished press button “Save as”.
Text Box: Note !
This program works in MATLAB 7.1 or later.
The toolbox is successfully used in our laboratory at Biology Institute of Kaunas University of Medicine

Toolbox is a collection of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and M-file functions built on the MATLAB technical computing environment. It was developed to control psychophysical experiment, collect data and visualize it. The toolbox provides functionalities to:

· Perform experiments using adjustment and constant stimulus psychophysical methods;

· Control two or more independent experiment variables;

· Visualize results and state of ongoing experiment;

· Save results and experiment parameters in a mat binary or text file;

· Manage experimental data;

· Graph and show statistics of experimental data;

· Interface your own stimulus function to the experiment control module;

· Change and develop toolbox.